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Best Brand Collabs of 2022

Sometimes it feels like we live in the multiverse, with so many brand crossovers—each wilder than the last. But, this year, we've found that two brands are almost always better than one! 2022 launched some seriously creative collaborations; here are 10 of our favorites:

Fishwife x Fly by Jing 

Have you ever had two of your really good friends also become best friends? That's what this Fishwife x FBJ collab is for us: besties becoming besties. 🤝 👯‍♀️

Van Leeuwen x Grey Poupon

You thought they were going to stop with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream?! Think again. Van Leeuwen went ahead and gave us a mustard flavor, in collaboration with Grey Poupon, begging the question: who asked for any of this? For the record, we like. 🍨👅

Supergoop x Sunscoop

Okay so this ice cream doesn't actually taste like sunscreen, but the flavor will hopefully provide the sunny escape your tastebuds have been craving. ☀️🍦

Graza x The Caker

The Banana Sizzle Drizzle Cake Kit from Graza x The Caker is definitely in the running for the most beautiful looking collaboration this year. 😍 We're not surprised it sold out so fast, but we *are* pleasantly surprised they gave us a field to voice our dissent/plea for more. 🍰😂 

Pipcorn x TABASCO

Seeing a household name like TABASCO team up with Pipcorn, to produce better-for-you heirloom snacks is an effort we love and, coincidentally, can't stop eating! 🍿🌶

Coach x Zabar’s

Grocery, but make it fashion! When we first laid eyes on this iconic Coach x Zabar's collaboration, it was an instant add-to-cart. 🛒✨

Chamberlain Coffee x Swoon

Swoon's signature monk fruit sweetness + Gen Z queen Emma Chamberlain's matcha = the ultimate refresher this summer. We saw lots of cans of this collab leave our beverage fridge when we popped up in D.C. this year. 🍵🍋

Kyoot x The Yellow World

White Hot Chocolate and Cookies maybe isn't the most traditional of holiday scents, but the promise that this candle 'will imbue your home' with buttery scents of cookie dough, hot chocolate, vanilla, and caramel was the selling point for us. And because Kyoot is an English company, they spell it cosy, which already makes us feel snug. 😊🍪

Great Jones x Lisa Says Gah

Great Jones already makes cookware that looks too-cute-to-use. This limited-edition Lisa Says Gah collection with Pyrex-inspired florals is really sending us over the edge!!! Forget sweatsuits: how did we not realize an apron and dutch oven were the matching set we needed?? 🥘🌼

TRUFF x Hidden Valley Ranch

Nothing like a highbrow, lowbrow mashup! Ranch is decidedly not a fancy condiment, but when combined with truffle hot sauce, has a middle-class Franken-condiment been created? 🍄🌱

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