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Discovery, not just shopping.

Here’s the thing: most supermarket aisles aren’t organized with you in mind. They prioritize Big Brands that can pay top dollar for eye-level shelf placement, and neglect your interest in finding Small ones in the process. We started Pop Up Grocer to do things differently.

In 2019, we opened our very first store, made specifically for curious, conscious shoppers. We know you like new things, so that’s all we’ve got. We know you want better ingredients, so those are the only ones we allow. And we respect that you appreciate aesthetics, so we make totally subjective decisions about packaging design.

Through us, you'll discover products that are hard to find or see elsewhere, and that support the growth of independent makers. You'll also have a bit of fun.

We reject the notion that grocery shopping has to be blah. So, come boogie?

Sounds great, right?

Thinking of a brand that we should feature? Text 929.6000.PUG with the rec! We love hearing from our brand-savvy fam.
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Our Mission

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Spread joy

It sounds corny, but we're a grocery store after all—we love corn, and cheese! We aim to help this harsh world feel just a little bit better, and you, a little more optimistic about its future.

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Make grocery memorable

Reliable pantry staples can be ordered with a click of a button, from the comfort of the couch. We create experiences that distinguish the magic of discovery from the humdrum of shopping.

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Champion creativity

Big ideas make the world a better place, not Big Food. We uplift creators who challenge the status quo, and emphasize sourcing brands with under-resourced and underrepresented founders.

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Define a Better “Better-for-You”

Trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, artificial food colorings, refined starches, added hormones, and aspartame are all red flags for us (and should be for you, too!). We also say no to body-exclusive terms like "skinny."

Curation Criteria

Our sourcing is guided by three core criteria.

Is it new and interesting?

30,000 products launch each year. We look for those bringing something fresh to the table, like a familiar ingredient in a new format or a novel flavor profile.

Is it made responsibly?

We scrutinize every label, so you don't have to. Products found in our stores are without harmful ingredients and we prioritize those that have been created in consideration of Planet Earth.

Does it look good?

Hey, you are what you consume. Don't hate our packaging for being beautiful!

The Pop Up Grocer Fund

Every store pays it forward. We contribute a portion of total product sales to our Fund, through which we further support founders—those that are under-resourced and underrepresented—and their creations, with a combination of cash and services.

Are you a founder that qualifies?

Apply for The Fund

2024 Recipient: Leanne Viola, Whims

2023 Recipient: Onaedo Achebe, Minti

2022 Recipient: Jessica Kwong, Jack & Friends

2021 Recipient: Fawziya Sugai, Gwell

Gwell's Rebrand!

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